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The largest airline ticket consolidator in the United States

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With over three decades of travel industry experience, GTT is the leading air consolidator in the United States with a yearly turnover upwards of two billion dollars.

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GTT provides the most diverse and competitively priced air fares on the American market. Our mission is to empower travel agencies of all sizes by offering the most extensive product portfolio and a suite of cutting-edge travel technology tools.


The short answer is: All the resources, expertise and know-how of the industry leader can work for You!

Welcome Travel Professionals!

The joys of running a travel agency are many! But so are the woes when the moving parts don’t align well. The air travel business is not what it used to be even just a decade ago. There are many new layers of complexity to integrate, navigate and manage.

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The entry barrier is overwhelming for anyone who tries to set up all the functions in-house. It can be a long, arduous journey – with an uncertain outcome at that. Luckily, you have a much better option today: Partner with GTT to benefit from some of the most innovative industry tools and a truly impressive selection of products.

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Gain access to the hottest airfares on the market through our exclusively negotiated contracts.

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Our products are profoundly improving how the world makes things and moves things

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